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Wheelchair Totes,  Walker  Totes, and Multi-Use Chair Bag

  Our wheelchair tote at the left is made of a blended canvas. The bag part  measures approximately 17" high by 18" wide.  5" high white nylon loops allow the tote to easily slip over wheelchair handles at the back.  The handles are sewn at an angle which does not put stretch or tension on the bag--it opens easily for quick access, and the depth allows for safe toting.  We have sold this item for many years and have received excellent customer response.  Fits all but small childrens' wheelchairs.  Available in royal blue, burgundy, and forest green.  May be personalized with name or monogram.

Our new walker/stroller tote is made of strong nylon.  The walker/stroller tote is suspended over a crossbar, and the two halves are fastened together and held by a Velcro Brand strip.  Two pockets, one on each side of the crossbar, offer easy access for storage.  Each pocket is closed with Velcro Brand fastener.  May be personalized with a name or monogram.

Made of 220 denier nylon, our zippered pocket is approximately 14 inches long by 7 inches high. The zipper runs nearly the entire length. Three (3) long Velcro® Brand strips, well anchored on the back, allow the user to fasten The Pocket™ around almost any cross bar or arm. Short enough to avoid the wheel of most wheel chairs. Use The Pocket™ to carry medicine, money, makeup, glasses, tissue, keys or other valuable items you want near you. The closed zipper prevents accidental loss of your items.

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