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 The Personalized Tooth Fairy, Tooth Pillow, and Tooth Robot
Our tooth fairy pillows are made in pink and blue, and they measure approximately 12 in. x 12 in.  Both versions have ruffled satin edging to which an embroidered name may be added upon request.  Both pillows may be hung by means of their satin cording.  An appliqued tooth, open at the top,  in the center of the pillow face allows for the bartering of a tooth for cash.  The words Tooth Fairy Pillow are embroidered on the face of the pillow.  A free name (word) may be embroidered on the edging if so desired.


Our new tooth fairies are works of art.  They measure approximately 14" tall x 8" wide.  They are big enough to play with as well as use for display.   Each has a tooth pouch, embroidered with "Tooth Fairy," which securely holds the bartered goods, either tooth or cash.  The dress is shimmering satin,  and the transparent wings shine with glittering "dust."  Bows and ribbons further embellish our fairy.   The detail in these tooth fairies is spectacular.  An embroidered name personalizes the tooth pouch.  Choice of lavender or pink.  For boys the personalization can be sewn on the tooth pouch in a shade of blue. 
Made of special reflective non-metallic materials, our new friendly Tooth Robot™ comes by spaceship to visit the bedrooms of boys and girls and barter for baby teeth.  Always leaving a generous stipend for each collected tooth, the Tooth Robot™ also enjoys holding and displaying recent photos of the baby tooth donor.  The special barter bag includes an embroidered name of the new or soon-to-be toothless donor.

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