TypeStyler Object
TypeStyler Object
Solid Brass Christmas Stocking And
Christmas Wreath Holders
Our sand cast brass theme stocking holders hang on a mantel or shelf and can hold weighty items including "loaded" Christmas stockings.  They are approximately 7 inches high, and are shipped in two pieces.  They assemble by means of 1 brass screw.  They weight approximately 10 ounces.  In addition, we offer a double hook brass Christmas stocking holder that lets you display a special or significant ornament of your own.  We also offer a non-brass Santa Clause Christmas stocking holder.

We have also added brass door wreath holders which can be used indoors or on outside storm doors.  One end of the wreath holder fits over the top of the door; the other end has a hook to hold a wreath or hanging loop from some other item such as our outside display stocking.  These holders are just a very pretty way of presenting  most door decorations.


(Double Hook does NOT include sleigh ornament.)
The above items on this page are made of
fine solid brass.  Polished fine brass, like polished
sterling silver, may tarnish with storage.  Brass
tarnish may appear as black dots or small grey-black
areas;  it is a surface phenomenon easily treated, if desired,
with a good brass polish.  Follow the polish manufacturer's
directions.   Brass tarnish is a natural removable phenomenon, NOT A
Non-Brass Stocking Holder

Height:  Approx. 7.5 inches
Weight:  Approx. 21 oz.
Composition:  Special plastic and metal.
Stocking Hook:  Yes



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