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reisenthel® fold up bags and Wall Organizers
Though we admire ingenuity as much as anyone, we feel that construction and durability are equally important.   Ingenious products are a value if they last and are there for us when we need them.  These reisenthel® products are exactly the type of items we are proud to distribute.   They are a value because the reisenthel® designs are so utilitarian, and the construction is superb.  The reisenthel® Tote Bag, Rucksack, and Fold Up Zippered Bag come compactly folded as a small package, and then unfold to create wonderful space to hold a goodly amount of items.  And even better, after use, they can easily be refolded back to the original size.   The Hanging Pockets are a wonderful and sturdy way of organizing any washroom, closet, bedroom, or office, and it may be mounted on a wall hook or hung on a closet rod or dowel.  The Zippered Hand/Shoulder bag has got to be the handiest bag ever designed--use zippered or unzippered, carry as a handbag or as a shoulder bag.  And it is wonderfully roomy with inside pockets.
Tote Bag
This reisenthel Mini Maxi nylon bag comes out of its case and opens to a bag 24" high by 16" wide.  Gusseted sides allow enough expansion to hold an amazing amount.  Wide handle straps allow comfortable carrying--they will not dig into your fingers.  Case has a hook to attach to the bag so it will not get lost, and used this way the case can carry small items itself such as cell phones, makeup, etc.  Optional embroidery may be applied to the case cover or to the bag directly.

5.5" X 2.5" diameter encased


Travel Tote

100% polyester zippered tote.  17 in. x 25 in. x10 in.  Can be used over-the-shoulder with padded strap holder.  Use for gym, travel, etc., where you need a large roomy strong bag.  Easily folds into a matching Velcroed® 6 in. x 8 in. pouch.  We have found this a frequently used handy bag well loved by all.


The reisenthel folded rucksack unzips and opens out as a fully zippered backpack approximately 19" x 12".  The zipper of the folded up rucksack become part of an outer zippered pocket.


8.5" x 5.5" x 1" folded up
Wall Closet
The reisenthel Wall Closet is one of the handiest items around.  People use them when traveling in cars, vans, RVs, or new graduates find it very helpful at college.  The actual pocketed area is approximately 29" long x 17" wide.  An aluminum hanger and grommeted tab is included to hang over a closet rod or on a wall pin. 
Carry Bag
Measuring approximately 19" long x 11.5" wide x 17" wide, the reisenthel Carry Bag consists of an aluminum frame to which a pocketed heavy duty canvas/nylon type of basket attaches by means of 14 hook and loop tabs.  4 removable stays are included to rigidity to the basket and keep it open.  Without the stays the basket fold flat.  The handle folds either with the basket up or folded.   Available in polka dots on a black background or in the floral design.  Used to hold projects, for light shopping trips, to organize--basically for anything where a comfortable carry handle is desirable.
Folding Wall Shelf
reisenthel's Folding Wall shelf measures approximately 24" wide x 16" high.  Two large grommets near the top fit into wall brackets included (screws not included).  The Folding Shelf is covered with a heavy duty canvas. The sided fold out shelf is 11" deep.  Below the shelf are attached 4 coat hooks as additional storage mechanisms.  This is an attractive and very functional unit that may literally be used anywhere the wall bracket can be attached.
Zippered Daily Bag
Over the Shoulder or Hand Bag
14" x 12" x 4"


Fold Up Zippered Bag
Over the Shoulder
14" x 15"


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