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Growing Panes ™ Growth Charts--several growth chart versions
Child photo growth charts are one of the best presents for any newborn or growing child.  They provide a child with their own history, and give that child a sense of time and change. But growth charts can also serve a practical purpose.  In rare circumstances they may visually show early indication of an abnormal growth pattern and lead to further medical investigation.  Too, parents may spot their own growth patterns in their own children.

Growing Panes™ Growth Charts consists of a  "character ruler" with embroidered inch marks running from 24" to 60".   They are a useful relative growth tool.  Their overall length is approximately 48" to 53", and they are 6"-12" wide.  Our new wide green and blue Growing Panes ™ have an overall length of 50-53" and are approximately 12" wide.  To use Growing Panes ™ as growth charts you mount them so that the 24" line is 24" off the floor. The wider Growing Panes ™  incorporate multiple 4" x 6" vinyl picture pockets to accommodate larger photos.  They are embellished with wonderful embroidery and have multiple movable Velcro Brand affixed markers. 

We have added a beautiful artistically done all embroidered growth chart which is made to the actual length of the growth range measured, i.e., 60 inches long.  It is hung with the bottom touching the floor.  Made of heavy weight all cotton twill, these charts have a large width-wide loop (8.25 inches wide) to hang from a hook, or via a dowel (not included) or via a hangar (not included).  The girl's version has an embroidered expression at the top, "Little Girls Dance and Twirl", and the boy's reads "Little Boys Make Noise."  Each chart has three 3 inch by 3 inch plastic windows to hold pictures.

  All growth charts may be optionally personalized with an embroidered name.

Alligator Dinosaur Growth Chart Girl Full Length All Embroidered
  Rocking Horse Growth Chart  

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