TypeStyler Object
TypeStyler Object
Practical & Functional Children's Aprons
These attractive and embellished children's aprons measure approximately 20" x 24" exclusive of the hook and loop fastened neck strap.  No need to worry about fitting a strap over a child's head.  They are made of a cotton blend and are washable.  Each child's apron is embellished in a different fashion, and each apron is accompanied with a matching assortment of adorable play accessories such as chefs' hats, mitts, hot pads, towels.. WARNING:  These accessories are for craft or collectable purposes only.  Do Not Use to handle HOT Objects (temperature of objects should be safe to contact with bare skin.)  For example, the child's apron may come with a hot pad and a hot mitt, but these items are NOT safe for actual use on hot objects.  This warning is shown on the bag containing these items.  These child's aprons may be embroidered with the name of the wearer.  A necessary piece of equipment for the future chef.

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