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Purse, Wallet, Credit Card Case, and Purse Organizer
Purse Purse Organizer
Multicolor Floral Fabric shown
Our double faced quilted zippered purse measures approximately 12" high x 14" long x 5" deep at the bottom.  2 double weight handles are well anchored into the over fabric at the bottom.  A pocket on pocket combination, one with a Velcro Brand flap cover, are sewn on one exterior side.  Inside, one 3 sectioned pocket is sewn on each interior wall providing six separated compartment.  Nicely finished. 

Purse Organizer

Our new purse organizer measures approximately 7.25" x 5.25" x 3.25".  A magnetic clasp at the top closes the organizer.  Two large metal rings at the top allow you to easily lift it out of a purse and insert it into another purse.   The unit's inside is divided into 3 sections one of which contains a zippered pocket.  Excellent room allows you to keep makeup and compact, medicines, pens, nail file, note pad, etc., within these sections.  The outside has credit card slots, and 3 excellent compartments for cell phone, eyeglasses, mp3 player, keys, etc.  Has the feel of leather.

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